Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cynthia Rowley Fashion Trunk @ Project Angel Food

Diana Bianchini of Di Moda Public Relations sat in my makeup chair and described the Cynthia Rowley dress she would be wearing to the unveiling of the Cynthia Rowley Fashion Truck at Project Angel Food. Her dress was a contemporary black shift that was reminiscent of the early 1960s with grey and purple square details. I decided to continue this theme by keeping her eyes clean, yet dramatic with a winged eyeliner. Dewy skin maintained her youth and a soft lip to compliment details in her dress. And of course, lashes!!!

Diana looked fabulous while she was introducing Cynthia Rowley's Fall 2011 collection and raising funds for Project Angel Food. Diana sent me an email saying, "I received so many compliments and was so happy with your work."

Thanks Diana!

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